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There are 3 kinds of BBQs in our cabins: Charcoal, Propane, and Natural Gas.


Please never put charcoal in a propane or natural gas BBQ. This will damage it. If you are unsure which kind you have, please ask.


If your BBQ is propane, please turn off the tank when you are done cooking.

If your BBQ is hooked up to natural gas, be sure to turn off the BBQ, but don't disconnect the gas line.

Cover- Please do not replace the cover when the barbecue is hot. It will melt and make an awful mess.

Lighting the BBQ – Propane BBQs

1. To open the flow of propane to the burners, gently turn the knob on the top of the tank counterclockwise.

2. Raise the BBQ lid. 

3. Turn the selected burner knob to the high position.

4. Press the lighter button to light the burner. 

5. Repeat the process for each burner desired.

6. When finished grilling, turn each burner off.

7. Turn the knob on the top of the tank clockwise to shut off the gas flow. Use only your hands to tighten the knob. 

Please clean your food from the grill when finished. The best time to clean the grates with the wire brush is while the grill is hot.

Charcoal BBQ: Do not remove the ashes/coals from the BBQ. Leave that for the housekeeper.


Cooking tip - The elevation at Big Bear Lake is about 7,000 feet, which means food takes longer to cook. At sea level, a medium rare steak can be grilled in about 8 to 10 minutes. In Big Bear, it can take 2 to 3 times longer. The same is true for food cooked on the stove. A good rule of thumb is to add 25 degrees to whatever cooking temp is indicated for the food you are preparing.

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