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Checking Out

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for taking our requests seriously. We sincerely appreciate your help in maintaining the cabin and for taking a few small steps to make your stay and future guest stays as pleasant and comfortable as possible!!!


-Check-Out Time is on the rental listing and in your contract. The cleaning crew must be able to access the premises at check-out time to get ready for the next group. There is a $50 per hour late check-out fee. So please be sure to check-out on time.

-Leave used beds & sofa sleepers UNMADE. The housekeeper needs to be able to tell which beds were used and not used.

-Turn off all lights and TVs.


-Please CLOSE and LOCK all doors and windows.


-Make sure fireplace is extinguished and the gas is turned off.


-Make sure the BBQ rack is clear of food. Turn propane off. If it is hooked up to natural gas, do not turn off

the gas valve.


-Make sure thermostat is turned on and at 55 degrees (Oct 1st thru May 31st). Off in the summer.


-Unplug all small appliances: coffee maker, toaster, etc.

-Leave remote controls next to the TVs.


-Pick up all pet waste, trash, and cigarette butts.


-Wash and put away all dishes and cookware. DO NOT put dirty dishes back in cupboards, out of respect for the next guests.


-Remove all food that you brought with you.


-All furniture must be in its original position.


-Take all trash with you, including all trash on counters, floors, under beds, etc. NO Food or trash is to be left inside or outside. No trash pick-up is provided. Even if you find a trash can on the premises, do not use it. 


-If you unplugged lamps, TVs, etc. please plug them back in.


-Make sure the hot tub is set at 80 degrees, the jets are off, and it is locked.


-Put the key back in the lock box and scramble the code. Electronic lock: Make sure it is locked.


-Additional fees may be charged if any of these items are not done.


The city does not provide trash removal for vacation rentals because of wild animals:

All trash must be taken to the trash facility, per city ordinance. This rule is for all vacation rentals in Big Bear.


Site #1 is at 41974 Garstin Rd., Big Bear Lake.

Site #2 is located at 39690 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake.

There will be a $25 charge per bag for any trash/food left at the cabin.


Tidy guests are appreciated. Please take care of this cabin as if it was your own home, and we will continue to make improvements to make it even better.


We hope you have enjoyed your stay! Have a safe trip home and please come and visit us again.

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