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If you trip the circuit breakers, you can reset them by accessing the electrical panel located on the outside of the cabin. It is usually on the outside of the garage (if there is a garage). There are switches that can be reset to resume power. It also helps to turn off any unnecessary lights and appliances. This does not happen very often. But it is good to know what to do if it does.


Sometimes the power may go out to the entire house. If it does, look at the neighboring houses for lights on. If there are none, then the power to the entire area has gone out. The electric company will get the power back on as soon as they can. No need to call the office. We cannot turn the power back on for you.

If just a portion of the house electricity goes out, such as just the bathroom, check the GFI to see if it is tripped. The GFI buttons are on a nearby outlet and has buttons that say 'test' and 'reset.' This will usually fix the issue.

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