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Most of the fires that occur in the mountains are caused by carelessness with cabin fireplaces. Please observe the following safety rules for your safety and protection.

-Open the fireplace flue before using.

-Fire screens or air tight doors should be closed at all times. Embers may pop and shoot out.

-Lighter fluid or any accelerant is absolutely forbidden to use in a fireplace.

-Wadded newspaper is a good fire starter or purchase pre-made fire starters.

-If it has a gas only fireplace, do not put wood or anything else into the fireplace. You can tell if it is gas only if you see fake logs inside.

-If there is no gas key on the mantel for the fireplace (and if it isn't gas only), the treat it as a regular wood fireplace, without gas.

-Bundles of firewood can be purchased at stores around town.


-Make sure the fire is out and the screen or door is closed prior to leaving the premises or going to bed.


-Do not remove hot logs or ashes from the fireplace. Leave everything there for the housekeeper.


-Outdoor fires and fire pits are only allowed if they are propane or natural gas. BBQs are allowed if they are propane or charcoal. No wood in the BBQ please. No charcoal in a propane BBQ.


-No candles please!


-Fireworks are prohibited anywhere in Big Bear.

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