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Not all cabins have hot tubs. If this one does:

The heat may be turned down, so check it a few hours before you want to use it and turn up the heat. Always pause 3 seconds between pressing buttons on the hot tub, such as the light button and the jets button. If you don't, then you may put it into program mode or lock out. If this happens, you will not be able to use the hot tub during your stay.


Noise carries in the mountains, so please be quiet in the hot tub, to avoid neighbor complaints. No hot tub use is allowed between 10pm and 7am. This is a city ordinance.


Hot tubs are a drowning risk to small children, so please keep it closed and locked when not in use.


Please do not have glass of any kind in and around hot tub. If it breaks inside the hot tub, this can be dangerous and you will be charged a fee to drain, clean, and refill.

After each use, please turn the temperature to 80 degrees, put the floating chlorine feeder back in the water, turn the jets off, and lock it.

Do not turn the hot tub completely off at the breaker (unless there is an emergency). If it is completely off, then it cannot circulate, causing the water to turn green. The water will freeze and damage the hot tub during the winter. It may circulate several times a day.


The hot tub must remain in good operating condition, without damage, and the water is to remain clean and free of debris. If the water is contaminated such that a drain and refill is required, a minimum of $100 will be charged to your credit card or security deposit. Due to a lot of use of the hot tub, and the time it requires for it to be cleaned and ready to use again, it may not be available for use your first night.


Please do not put the cover on the ground. It will damage the cover. Almost all of our rental hot tubs have a bar lifter on it. If you don't know how to operate it, please watch this video. Thanks!

Cover Video

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