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When you first arrive, check to make sure you have hot water. If not, the water heater may be set on vacation mode and will need to be turned up. It may take a couple of hours after you turn it up before you have hot water.

If the water heater is locked up, then it is never turned down.


If, after turning the water heater up, you are not getting hot water at some point:

1. Have you been using the dishwasher, washing machine, or taken a shower or bath? If so, hot water runs out of water heaters fast. You have probably just used it all up. Please wait 2 hours and check it again.
A plumber cannot fix this issue. You will be charged if we have to send the plumber out and he finds that you just used up all the hot water.


2. Water is really cold up here in the mountains. Turn the hot water on and let it run for 2-3 minutes to see if hot water comes out.

3. Check that the pilot light is lit on the water heater. These do go out from time to time.


Please do not turn the water heater down when checking out.


NOTE: If there is no water coming out of the faucets at all, then either the water to the house is turned off, or the pipes have frozen. Please call our office right away.


If you are getting cold water out of the faucet, but the hot water side has no water coming out at all, then the pipes are frozen.


Check all of the faucets to see if any water is coming out at all. Even with frozen pipes, you can usually get some water.



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