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Fire Extinguishers

Be sure to familiarize yourselves with the locations of all fire extinguishers in the house, so you will know where they are in case of an emergency. There is one on each floor.


Cameras – Security


This property may have security cameras. These are for the security and safety of the cabin. Any tampering with cameras will result in automatic forfeiture of your security deposit, and repair/reset charges may be charged to your credit card.

Lake Information

Be very careful when swimming, using jet skis, boats, etc. The lake gets very busy in the summer and can be dangerous.

Remember: Boaters cannot see people in the lake very well. Stay close to land. Even better: Meadow Park has a designated swimming area that boats cannot go into. This is the best place for swimming.


Do not ever walk on lake ice. This is VERY DANGEROUS and illegal. We want you to have a safe vacation.


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