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Snow Conditions

Although we provide snow removal services, there are times when you will have to shovel some snow on your own, for your safety and exit. Walkways and steps leading to front doors sometimes become very icy and are difficult to shovel. You may have to walk over the ice. Please be very careful.


We will make every effort to remove snow before you arrive and during your stay, but due to road conditions and timing of storms we cannot guarantee a specific time that it will be done. Keep in mind that there are thousands of driveways that have to be plowed, so it may even take a day or two before the plows reach you. Please do not call the office if the driveway has not been plowed. We have no control over the snow plow routes.


Because Big Bear sometimes experiences huge storms: decks, BBQs, and hot tubs may become unusable.


Please move your cars when the snow plow arrives, so the entire driveway can be plowed. Keep children inside when snow plows are present.


Bens Weather on the mountain is the only way to go. “Is it going to snow?” Check out Ben’s weather. It’s what the locals use.


Road Conditions & Chain Restrictions

Socal Mountains knows EVERYTHING! It’s what all the locals follow and have the best info on which way to go up and down and when.

Cal Trans website. For any and all info regarding all roads leading into the Big Bear Valley. It helps not only during winter, but all year for accidents and fire closures. Just enter the highway number(s) you are traveling. 

A few things to think about: always use the turn-outs, always carry chains that are fit for your particular vehicle, a shovel/foldable shovel, food, water, blankets, and a first aid kit. It’s the mountains. Always be prepared! If It doesn’t help you, It may very well help someone else.


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