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Misc Information


Please make sure all furniture stays where it is. Do not move anything. You could damage it.
Do not allow children to jump on beds or other furniture.

Heater and Air Conditioner

This cabin does not have A/C. Most places in Big Bear don't. Between October and May, please make sure the heater is turned on and set at 55 degrees upon check out. DO NOT TURN OFF THE HEAT! This is very important. If the heat is turned off and the pipes freeze and burst, it could cost several thousand dollars in damage.



We do a complete inventory of all sheets, towels, wash cloths and hand towels after every guest stay. Any missing or damaged linens and towels will be charged to your credit card.

Locked Garage and Other Areas


If the garage and other doors or cabinets are locked, those are for the use of the owner. Please do not attempt to open any locked doors. Nothing of value is kept locked up. You will be charged repair fees for broken cabinets or locks.




Please follow these rules for cabins that allow pets:


Please make sure your dogs behave. Keep them off furniture, don't let them chew on anything and make sure they don't scratch on doors, etc.


You must clean up after your dog, inside and outside the house. You will be charged an additional fee if dog waste is not cleaned up.


If any damage is found, such as chewed chair legs, pillows, stains on rugs, etc. you will be charged for the cleaning and repair.


Do not leave pets alone in the house unless they are crated. Do not leave pets unattended outside (even in fenced yards) – there are wild animals that live in the area and some of them can jump a 6 foot fence.

Pool Table and other Game Tables


Some cabins have game tables for your entertainment. These are expensive to repair and replace, so please read the following regarding the care of these tables.


Please do not sit on or allow children on the game tables.


Please do not put drinks or food on any part of the tables. You will be charged to clean cup rings and spills on tables.


If any ball or other parts are missing, please leave us a note on the kitchen counter. Pool sticks sometimes break, please leave us a note if they do, so we can replace them.


If a cover is provided, please put on the table when not in use.




Board Games - Please replace all dice and other pieces to the box after use so our next guests can enjoy them.


No smoking of any kind inside the cabin or near any open doors or windows. If smoke is detected inside the cabin, it will result in immediate forfeiture of your deposit plus additional cleaning fees. Do not throw your butts into the yard. They can cause forest fires. If we have to pick up your butts, you will be charged.




Please do not disconnect any cable for games, etc.


Please do not discard facial tissues, paper towels, sanitary napkins, baby wipes, etc. into the toilets. Big Bear has a delicate sewer system which will not tolerate such materials.


This cabin has cleaning products in the kitchen and in the bathrooms. These are all within reach of small children, so please keep a close eye on the kids. Feel free to move things out of reach, but move them back before you leave.

Washer and Dryer

The washer and dryer are provided, in some cabins, for your use during your stay. If you find any problems with the operation of these, please email us so we can have them repaired. Please clean out the lint trap after each use.

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